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Rockweiler Insulation serves homeowners and builders in southern Wisconsin. Fiberglass, cellulose, foam insulation, air sealing, insulation removal, batt and blow-in insulation. Insulation for new homes and existing homes.

Insulating & Air Sealing Equals Money in the Bank!

Air sealing helps heated and cooled air stay inside your home by closing the gaps that leak air. Investing in your home's insulation and sealing air leaks is like putting money in the bank!


Interactive Energy House

Would you like to learn how your home uses energy and ways to save on energy bills by insulating and air sealing? Use our Interactive Energy House and find out where you can save money!

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Video and Audio Programs

Watch and listen to our video and audio programs about the insulation options for you home.

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Customer Testimonials
  • I am very pleased with the work your two crews did… on the attics and today on the basement sill boxes. I'd be happy to be a reference if ever needed...Read More
  • Thank you very much for your caring service - all of you. I know Pat had extra duty speaking with my friends, calming my own fears. The two "worker bees" were careful considerate and went the extra mile...Read More
  • Thank you so much for your great work! Aaron and Nick were prompt, courteous and very professional. I'm very happy I chose Rockweiler...Read More