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Standard Insulation Package

Our Standard insulation package meets all local codes and helps save money throughout the life of the home. The Standard insulation package includes:

Wall Insulation

  • Install R-19 fiberglass batt insulation in all exterior walls for year-round protection from extreme temperatures (or a high density option of R-21).
  • Foam all electrical and plumbing attic & floor penetrations (including advanced air sealing technique of sealing all exterior walls).
  • Install vapor retarder on all exterior walls


Attic Insulation

  • Install blown-in fiberglass, providing excellent coverage throughout the attic
  • Install air chutes to ensure adequate air exchange and that the insulation system works properly.

Attic Air Seal

  • Air seal all major attic penetrations including PVC vent stack pipes, light boxes, etc. as needed.

Basement Box Sills

  • Install fiberglass batt insulation in all basement box sills.

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